It is with much sadness, that as Director of Clyde Valley Tomatoes Ltd I announce the appointment of Annette Menzies of William Duncan Chartered Accountants as provisional liquidator of the company.

Clyde Valley Tomatoes Ltd was born in 2012, and has received tremendous support from consumers, customers and the media. But, unfortunately the company is not proving financially viable.

Our mission to put some life back in to the Scottish tomato was accomplished, albeit for just a few short years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many team members who have worked hard to bring our tomatoes to the marketplace.

David Craig, 16/01/15



– Any creditors will be contacted in due course.

– No press interviews are being given.

– The business is not being reformed and no new investors are being sought.


Clyde Valley Kitchen

We’re proud to announce the launch of Clyde Valley Kitchen.

The new range of products made its debut at our weekly farmers market in Edinburgh, Castle Terrace, on 15th November. Our aim is to create a range of products that reflect the season, making the most of the delicious seasonal produce that’s available. We start each product with good food that’s in season, whether our own Fresh Tomatoes, root vegetables of brassicas, and then use exceptional ingredients and inventive recipes to create delicious food.

Our launch range includes a range of relishes, antipasti and soup, along with dried seaweed and fresh juices. The range will evolve on a weekly basis. We’re excited to develop and nurture this new brand, bringing in a wide range of seasonal produce from farming partners.

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We’re back!



This Saturday, 26th April, we’ll be back at Edinburgh Farmers Market. It’s a brilliant market, and we are proud to be there every single Saturday until November. Last year, we established a regular customer base, and we’re looking forward to seeing many of the same faces again this year. For us, what makes Edinburgh Farmers Market special is that you can buy just about everything you need to fill your kitchen with a bounty of locally produced food. We’ll just have a small selection of our tomatoes this week, but will be up to full speed next Saturday. Hope to see you there!



News: Spring 2014

We’ve been kinda quiet of late, eh? Well, it hasn’t been for lack of behind the scenes work… 2014 is already shaping up to be an extremely exciting year for us. After a ‘trial run’ last year, we’re all set to unleash our next generation of Clyde Valley Tomatoes to the willing public this year!


Here are some of the changes we’ve made this year

Even better tomatoes, and more of them! 

MarmandeLast year, we learned that you loved our specialist tomatoes. From day one of harvesting, it was clear we had underestimated the demand for varieties like Red, Yellow or Black Cherries, Tiger Stripes and Baby Plum tomatoes. We simply didn’t plant enough. Well, that was a simple thing to change for this year. This year, we have increased production by 50%, and are now using the entire greenhouse, filled with 21,000 stems of tomatoes. Almost half of the greenhouse is dedicated to the tasty little tomatoes you loved last year. We have also introduced a few new varieties including a Black Marmande tomato. Very similar to our Coeur de Boeuf last year, this giant beef tomato is a twist on a French classic, and should be a superb tomato salad centre piece.

A commitment to sustainability

We believe that growing produce locally is vital for the long term sustainability of our food chain. While a longer term project for us is to install a biomass heating system, this year we’ve made three large commitments:

1 – We’ve changed our growing medium to Coir. It’s a by-product of the coconut industry, and just so happens to be perfect for growing tomatoes in.

2 – Biological controls. Following a year of successful trials, this year we have committed to grow our crops without the use of any pesticides. Instead, we work with beneficial bugs which  work in harmony with our crop to keep pests at bay. Makes sense?

3 – Native Bee pollination. Bees form an integral part of our process. Every tomato starts with a flower, and a bee. This year, we are using only native British bees to pollinate our tomato plants.

Availability across Scotland

Perhaps most excitingly, this year you will be able to buy our tomatoes across Scotland. During the summer last year, we secured

We learned just what varieties of tomatoes make your taste buds wake up...

some major supply deals which will see our tomatoes in two major supermarket chains across Scotland. We’ll announce them in a few weeks time, once we have the final product to show you, and an idea of when they will be available.

We have also been working on a shake-up of our logistics which will enable us to deliver to customer throughout Scotland. It’s a really exciting step for us, which will help us reach some of the farm shops and retailers which we weren’t able to deliver to ourselves last year. If you’re interested in stocking our tomatoes, please contact

Staying true to our roots

It’s going to be a busy year, and hopefully we’ll look back at Christmas with pride and smiling faces. This year more than ever, our business is about GROWING. Growing lots of tomatoes, and growing our business. But this year is about staying true to our roots. Growing Fresh, Scottish, Flavoursome and Aromatic tomatoes, then bringing them to customers wherever you may be: Face to face at Farmers Markets, delivered to your door via veg box schemes, at your local farm shop, or in a local supermarket. Wherever you see our tomatoes this year, we hope you enjoy them as much as we’re enjoying the journey of growing them for you.

David, Scott and Team Tomato.


Seasonal Assistant Grower


2014 is shaping up to be a very exciting year here at Clyde Valley Tomatoes – join us! We’re growing our team to cope with an increase in production, and we’re looking for a full time assistant grower, on an initial 6 month basis. Learn the art of growing tomatoes, and become truly green fingered. To apply for this position, read through the job specification, then send a covering letter/email and CV to


Closing date 16th February 2014.

2013 in pictures…

Before we tell you what we have in store for 2014, we wanted to stop and pause, and have one last look back at 2013.

It’s fair to say it was the most challenging year of our lives so far! We gave up a stable lifestyle to embrace an all together more fulfilling lifestyle. We learned how to grow tomatoes, and made plenty of mistakes along the way, but most importantly, we grew tasty tomatoes that customers loved.

We’re itching to tell you about the exciting plans we have in store for 2014, but for now, enjoy these highlights…

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Final 2 weeks of season!

2013 has been a massive year for us. We knew that it was going to be a steep learning curve, and it certainly has been! Once the dust settles, we’ll sit down and update you on what we’ve learned, and what our plans are for 2014. But for now, enjoy us on BBC’s Landward with Nick Nairn, and enjoy our tomatoes for the final few weeks of our growing season!


Our tomatoes will be on sale until the middle of October, so make sure you check out some of our most loyal retail customers;

Whole Foods Market, Giffnock, Glasgow

Locavore, Shawlands, Glasgow

Roots and Fruits, Glasgow West End

The Orchard, Biggar

Knowes Farm Shop, East Linton

Craigies Farm Shop, South Queensferry

Gosford Bothy, Aberlady

Ramsay of Carluke

and remember you’ll see us at perhaps our final Farmers Market of the year:

Glasgow Partick, Saturday 12th October

Edinburgh Castle Terrace, 12th October and hopefully 19th October.